Industry Education Redefined.

I conduct small-group, highly-focused workshops covering various core skills in the industry. It's not what you get in college or any other trade school. You are learning from industry professionals with a passion for what they do and a passion to share what they do. Classroom environment is in a working production/post-production facility that has a 3,000 sq ft white cyc studio,  a permanent green screen studio,  and six edit bays. 

I set up classes & workshops on a scheduled quarterly basis, as well as on-demand basis if interest is there. Please contact me so we can set up a class/workshop.

Basic Lighting Techniques

Duration: 4 hours

Students: 10 maximum

You will learn 1-point/3-point lighting, small/large room lighting techniques, when to use natural lighting over artificial, uses for flags and cutters, various lighting fixtures from tungsten to LED.

Advanced Lighting Techniques

Duration: 6 hours

Students: 10 maximum

You will learn to understand 'motivational' lighting, learning to understand set & stage lighting, music video lighting, and abstract uses for lights. 

Shooting A Scene

Duration: 12 hours

Students: 10 maximum

You will learn how to light, set-up, block, and prepare your crew to shoot a dialog scene with two or more actors in a selected location. 

Food & Product Cinematography & Techniques

Duration: 8 hours

Students: 6 maximum

Take a turn in shooting products and food in a studio setting. From ground up set-up to lighting and camera work, we'll get you up to speed to do some really creative things. A professional food stylist will be brought in for the shoot.

Your Short Film Is Within Reach

Duration: 2-days Production / 5-days Post

Students: 10 maximum

We will shoot one short film, working as a team split up into specific roles,to be produced and created by our attendees. Script, Pre-production, production, and post-production. Warning: we will have long days with early starts and possibly late nights. Medium to heavy lifting will be required. Post-Production raw files will be shared. Each student will edit their own version of the short film. A screening of the films will be provided at a local DFW movie theatre.

Shooting Corporate, Industrial, and Medical Clients

Duration: 6 hours

Students: 10 maximum

Learn interview and handling techniques, 1 to 3-point lighting techniques used in tight spaces, learn the ’60 Minutes Style’ interview set up with 3 cameras. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts during an interview.

Creating Quality Video on Your Cell Phone is Possible

Duration: 6 hours

Students: 10 maximum

Basics of using and modifying camera and video settings. Composition basics. Good interview techniques. Capturing good audio, and  more.

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