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You Think This Work Is Exciting?!

Not all projects are glitz and glamour. You have to pay the bills when you don't have those awesomely creative style jobs. Embrace the 'boring' (for the lack of a better word) ones and bring a level of production NOT expected by the client. Over deliver. A philosophy you need to keep all your entire career. This project was brought to me by Marcus Miller of Adwise Group to help promote and show new RV owners how-to's and what-not's of their new purchase. I'll see you guys in Jelly Stone National Park with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo chilling in my RV.

Make a habit of being early... So you can chill out on location, locked out.

Here's the shower... make sure to wash all your tidbits, please.

These small RV's are truly nice. For a guy who's big and tall, I fit pretty well. For couples only really.

The amount of features, maintenance, controls, and other systems that are designed into the RV, it's truly a fascinating engineering feat. And this is just the small ones. Dig into the mechanical design of these things and learn some stuff that will scramble your brain a little.

Caught a flat in the showroom doing donuts...

Marcus Miller and his daughter on set... She ran sound. She's 15. She rocks. No excuses.

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