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Mr. Jim's Pizza Commercial

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Picking up the on-screen talent portion of the Mr. Jim's Pizza spots that Marcus Miller and Adwise Group handle for... Mr. Jim. My very first gig with Marcus and Mr. Jim was as a lighting designer/gaffer. Our professional relationship has extended into a lot more things. As my VERY first mentor said, "learn to light well, and you'll always have a job." I took that to heart and have been a lighting design addict ever since.

The best make-up artist on the planet is at the left of this picture, Donatelle Mascari. She's been in the biz for... well, I'm sworn to secrecy as how long. A lady doesn't share her age. Just know... We doubt you can fathom the experience this lady has under her belt.

The one and only, Mr. Jim himself... such a class act and a wonderfully fun man to work with. Just like the story of Kinko's Copy Services, this man has put in the hard work himself and his team to make what Mr. Jim's Pizza it is today. Mad respect.

Lighting subject stand in... the incredibly talented food stylist Randy.

So... how do you like small spaces? are you claustrophobic? Well... get used to it... It may not look like it but this space was small for a set up. NOT the smallest I've ever had. The toughest jobs are in small spaces to light properly and get good depth of field and a more cinematic look. Tricks of the trade.

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