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Molecular Gastronomy...

Throw some science into cooking...and see what you get. This master chef, Chris Hernandez, culinary genius extraordinaire, and all around great person. We got to share in his knowledge with our best client, Marcus Miller with Adwise Group. Always a humble honor to work with such talented people.

Key grip, Bryan Barber.

Gigantic mortar & pestle!

This right here folks... this thing... was our lunch after shooting. Created by Chef Chris himself. Craft services spoiled us that day. Whole grilled herbed chicken, roasted grown corn with onions and garlic, we snagged peaches from a grove not far from his house... caramelized peaches, corn tortilla, fresh grape heirloom tomatoes, and a huge backyard grown cucumber... salted, lime powdered, and peppered... sorry I took a bite before thinking of taking a snap shot.

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