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Gas Monkey Garage + Pepper Yandell + Red Bull

When you have mad skillz as a high-end exotic car photographer, you get to go places and shoot mad cars. Tyler Sloan & Beau Sexton with Hustle Hustle Collective brought me on to observe and help on this shoot for Pepper's online how-to courses. Quite an honor, to say the least. The HH Collective is a new business model in the production/post-production arena.

Check them out here:

And you HAVE to check out Pepper's website... get ready to be blown away by this guy's amazing talent.

Check it out here:

Pepper Yandell

Tyler Sloan

Pepper Yandell

Pepper Yandell

Not a fan of these cameras. Sorry, NOT SORRY........... AT ALL.

Beau Sexton operating Ronin.

Where biz is taken care of for Gas Monkey Garage. You gotta admit, Richard Rawlings is a smart professional. He's grown his brand better than most in the car show realm. Almost like the Food Network stars which have a great amount of options for tertiary income streams.

No Varicam name on this body... but, don't let that fool. The same sensor... with dialed down bit rate recording, lessor secondary ISO. Still awesome.

School us Pepper! With yo knowledge!

My mom and dad had a brown metallic one of these (2-door) when they first came out. I remember riding in it. They decided to go with the Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am instead. I love both.

I NEED that monitor people.... Dell Ultra Sharp 38" that's what I'm taking about.

My new grip truck.

My daily driver.

I shot this car for Discovery networks for Motor Week promos!

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